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php search nulled

PHP Search – Search Engine Platform Nulled script is an advanced php searching site script. You can make your own search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu. PHP Search nulled script uses the bing api to show the results. Bind api is the best available free API to do that. Yeah,it’s not completely done by your php script. Because there is extremely cmplex things inside the real searching guys. Therer fore there is no way to make such a complex site without any effort. YOu have to crawl all of the webspages in the whole internet. Store these crawled data and get them as everytime users request them. THat’s s much complicated for individuals.

But with this script, this uses the Bing API. So, you don’t have to worry about anything like crawling, storing, and getting the data. You just have is to setup your php script and you are done.

User side PHP search nulled features:

Users can search in your search engine like any other search engine

Image search, built in image search let you to filter images in the internet.

Users can search for videos in your search engine

users can search for news. Latest news will be fetch into the search

Instant answers helps users to find the best answers for their questioned they typed in the search box

background image change, users can change their web interface background images.

Admin Side:

User visit count and their behavioure count seperately.

you can see what people are searching.

place ads on your php search nulled script easily through the admin panel you have.

PHP Search – Search Engine Platform Nulled preview or download links:

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